What is Alien Broker?
Alien Broker is a copy-trade platform that developed for cryptocurrency users to make income from it. Users can operate their cryptocurrencies 24/7 and make income from it via Alien Broker's auto-trade feature.
Is Alien Broker a copy-trade platform?
Yes, Alien Broker is a copy-trade platform. Users copy the trade positions opened by an experienced trader on the copy-trade platforms.
How does Alien Broker work?
Cryptocurrency users subscribe to successful traders and copy their trading signals. This process is carried out remotely, with the secure API keys of exchanges.

Traders determine their buy&sell signals with the entry, exit and stop-loss values of the position to be entered. They can change these values at any time and track them instantly. Users, who subscribe to the trader, automatically enter these positions that trader created.

Alien Broker acts as a secure bridge between cryptocurrency users and experienced traders.
Does my computer need to stay on?
No, it is not necessary. Alien Broker is a platform that runs on the cloud. After subscribing to a trader and making the definitions, you can close the screen, your browser or your computer. Your Alien Broker bot runs your fund automatically 24/7.
How do I copy a trader's signals?
Users can list all traders on the Traders Page, view their past transactions, profitability and success rates, along with many backward data.

You need to just subscribe to the trader to copy the signals of the trader that you choose to manage your crypto fund. In this way, your Alien Broker bot will automatically copy the signals that the trader created you subscribed to for 1 month.
Why should I use Alien Broker?
Alien Broker allows successful traders to operate your crypto assets, in your exchange account, 24/7 safely under your control. In this way, you gain the opportunity to earn additional income from your crypto assets.
How safe is it to use Alien Broker?
You don't need to deposit your funds to our platform to use it. Your cryptocurrency fund stays in your exchange account. To operate your funds, Alien Broker only needs the secure API keys provided by your exchange.

API keys are secure keys that you can easily generate, use, delete and regenerate multiple times in your exchange account. These keys are securely generated by the exchange and have various limits for user security. With API keys, platforms -such as Alien Broker- can communicate with your stock exchange account and send trading signals to your account and monitor the instant status of these signals.

With API  keys, Alien Broker and the trader can not withdraw your money from your exchange account or transfer it to another wallet. It can only trade. With this feature, your fund is safe in your exchange account.

Also, Alien Broker has developed various security mechanisms to protect users' funds from potential damage and to minimize this damage. When traders share a buy&sell signals, they automatically adapt to these mechanisms. Thus, the user fund is protected from the pump and dump effects as much as possible.
How much do I have to pay to use the platform?
You make the monthly payment to the trader on the Alien Broker platform. There are many traders on the platform, and the subscription fees for each vary. Each trader determines the subscription fee himself, on the condition that they are loyal to the upper and lower limits set by the platform.

These fees vary according to the rate of funds cryptocurrency users want to operate on the platform. Thus, user can pay fair rates in proportion to their funds. You can view the determined lower and upper limit details on the Subscription Price Packages page.
Can I follow more than one trader?
Yes, you can. In this way, multiple traders manage your fund crypto fund. Your Alien Broker bot collects the signals created by each trader you follow into a pool and trade in these positions in proportion to your idle funds. However, you have to pay a separate fee to each trader you follow for their service. 
How much budget do I need to use the Alien Broker?
There are no sub-budget restrictions for using Alien Broker. Your total budget is up to the lower transaction limit set by the crypto exchange. In general, crypto exchanges determine this limit as the 0.001 BTC. Therefore, while subscribing to a trader, it is sufficient to purchase a package suitable for the budget amount you want to operate on Alien Broker. Every user can use Alien Broker for every budget.
How much will I earn on average per month?
Alien Broker is just a marketplace platform, it doesn't promise you a profit. Our mission is to bring successful traders and cryptocurrency investors together. However, by looking at the past transactions of our registered traders on the platform, you can examine how much they earned as a percentage and make a profit analysis.
What is the referral program?
Alien Broker Reference Program offers a 10% gain from all the expenditures of each user who registers to the platform with a special referral code.
Do I have to BTC balance to start trading?
You can only make transactions in BTC and USDT pairs on Alien Broker. In order for your Alien Broker bot to trade, you must have a balance in at least one of these pairs in your exchange account.

It is recommended that you should review the trader's profile that you will follow on the Alien Broker and keep some balance in your crypto exchange account that the trader will open a transaction in BTC, USDT or both. If you don't have an idle balance in your exchange account for the parity with which the trader opened a transaction, your Alien Broker bot can not enter that transaction opened by the trader.
Which exchanges does Alien Broker support?
Alien Broker currently only supports Spot transactions on the Binance and OKEx exchange. However, we aim to support Futures and Margin (leveraged transactions) transactions as soon as possible by making many new exchange integrations.