Risk Warning

This document contains explanations about the risks that may be associated with the brokerage service provided by the Alien Broker platform.

Alien Broker members accept, declare and undertake that they don’t hold Alien Broker responsible and read the Usage Agreement and Risk Warning.

Risk Warning, this document that you will be reading right now is an annex and an integral part of the User Agreement.

1. Trading cryptocurrency and running it in terms of funds involves a high level of risk. These transactions may increase some or all of your investment amount or cause you to lose these investments completely.

The prices of cryptocurrency units are quite active. This generally causes the market to be lively. Cryptocurrency can easily be influenced by political events, governmental regulations regarding cryptocurrencies, financial decisions, or statements by any president. This effect may be positive or negative.

Alien Broker is an intermediary platform that enables users to get support from experienced people for these high-risk transactions. Although it is of course risky for someone who is inexperienced to perform commercial leverage transactions, there are certain risks of running these risky transactions for someone else. This should not be overlooked. Don’t risk it with an amount you cannot afford to lose.

2. Package prices should be examined while using the platform. Alien Broker doesn’t charge you to use the platform, but copying trader transactions is subjected to a certain subscription fee. These costs may affect the rate of profit you estimate.

3. Cryptocurrency contains high changing currency risks. Your overall profits and losses may be due to high fluctuations in exchange rates.

4. Alien Broker is a brokerage platform. Trade transactions take place entirely in the electronic environment and, like all other things, trading takes place in electronic environments, and trading platforms (for example, exchanges) are likely to malfunction and be attacked. Such situations involve risk.

5. User

5.1. The user acknowledges the fact that it is risky to copy the transactions created by traders listed in Alien Broker. A user fully accepts the risk of possible losses that may arise due to the trader's copied transaction, as he or she accepts the possible profit.

5.2. The user accepts the responsibility that the Alien Broker system may be risky if the terms of the User Agreement and the Risk Warning aren’t complied with.

5.3. The user accepts the risks associated with the lack of a license confirming the qualities of a trader.

5.4. A trader can close its open position. The user accepts the risks and damage that will lead to the closing of the transaction that he subscribes and pays to copy.

5.5. A trader can make a change in the open position. The user fully acknowledges the loss and risk to be incurred in the transaction that he subscribes and pays to copy.

5.6. The user accepts the possible risks of loss or profit due to the rounding of the values when flexible volume settings are used when copying a trader's transactions.

5.7. The user accepts risks of damage caused by incorrect copying or his/her own mistakes.

6. Trader

6.1. Trader accepts that the Alien Broker system is associated with some risks.

6.2. Trader is responsible for all transactions created and made. It accepts the risks that may arise from the transactions it creates.

6.3. Trader accepts all the risks that may arise from the conditions of the transaction and transaction created by the user to subscribe.

6.4. Trader is responsible for the risks that may arise from the transactions it creates and accepts these risks.

7. Analyzes provided by Alien Broker and its sub-extension sites, instant changing prices, general market information, messages, ideas, and everything else are within the scope of brokerage activities and do not contain any investment advice. There are risks of losses and profits that may occur within this scope.